Brittany + Jamie are engaged!


On a frigid January morning In the heart of winter, Jamie + Brittany + Remi -  their dog, trudged out in the snow for a quick round of photos so they could send out save the date cards. It was fantastic to see the warmth this couple shared, even surrounded by snow and cold.  

Ever since that day, I have been waiting for another chance to capture their story and connection. Jamie + Brittany started a Gym, LegacyMKE, to help other people build the habits and tool that will allow them to achieve their legacy. Jamie + Brittany are a true power couple that knows how to make space each other's passions and strengths. They spend their life together empowering other people to live their best lives. For me, this makes their amazing connection with each other even more beautiful.  I can't wait until their Turner Hall Wedding later this year!

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