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Weddings + Elopements

Love, Laughter, and the Moments that matter

I love weddings.

I love the emotions and the party and meeting everyone's favorite drunk uncle. I love being an honorary part of people's wedding parties and getting a front row seat to so many love stories. Also, I am not going to lie - I love my couples. I spend significant time getting to know them and so I can understand how to best capture their personality and story.   

My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture the love, laughter and the moments that matter: the tears, the hugs, the people, the joy - all of it. The photographs will fill in the details you missed in the blur of your wedding day and remind you for years to come of this momentous day in your love story.

Each couple is different and has a unique story to tell. I will capture your story in a way that reflects your personality and relationship in a bold and fresh way. Of course, images will be beautiful and stunning and handsome, but they will also have soul. 



Each couple's love story is unique and they each deserve to be told! Love is the fabric that holds everything between two people - feeling and resolve made into canvas. Love is the with-ness that allows mountains to be moved, courage to be found and vulnerability to be drawn out. 



Unscripted laughter and joy are my favorite. Surrounded by your favorite humans, I hope your wedding is so full of celebration and belly laughs that your sides hurt the next day. I can't wait to capture all the spontaneous elation and unexpected delight.


Moments the Matter

Wedding days consists of significant moments - quiet moments, funny surprised, happy children, speeches,  dancing and more. Big and small, official and spontaneous - these moments all go by in a blur.  Photographs capture all this magic so you can remember it forever.

*Roost Weddings start at $3300 for 8 hours. Budget / Elopements options range from $800 - $2800

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