Couples + Engagements

Love, Laughter, and the Moments that matter


Couple sessions are the best!

Whether they are just for fun, for a recent engagement or an anniversary, there is nothing quite "third wheeling" with a couple for a few hours. I think couples are often surprised by how much fun these sessions are.

My goal as a photographer is to capture the love, laughter and the moments that matter. I love people and enjoy getting to know the couples I work with so I can figure out how to best capture their personality and story. Each couple is different and has a unique story to tell. I want to capture your story in a way that reflects your relationship in a bold and fresh way. Of course, images will be beautiful and stunning and handsome, but they will also have soul. 



Each couple's love story is unique and they each deserve to be told! Love is the fabric that holds everything between two people - feeling and resolve made into canvas. Love is the with-ness that allows mountains to be moved, courage to be found and vulnerability to be drawn out. 



Unscripted laughter and joy are my favorite. I like to capture the fun and flirting and playfulness that is part of your connection. Couples are often surprised by how fast session go and also how much they smile and laugh. 


Moments the Matter

Couple and engagement session are all about capturing personality and connection. They are about telling your story and finding locations and context that will bring out the unique aspects of who you are. 

*Couple sessions start at $550

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