Nick + Luis are featured! by Brandon Brown

Nick + Luis are featured on Catalyst Wedding Co's Blog today. So excited for their love story and that it is getting a little extra attention. 

"It is safe to say I got a little extra emotional at Nick and Luis's wedding. Starting during the ceremony I became aware of a different depth to the day. Luis was looking at Nick, and his eyes said it all: love and gratitude. Luis was living out his perfect day with the person who met his gaze and matched it. Nick looked back at Luis with such obvious affection and love that it was impossible to miss. Everyone there was caught up in it. People leaned forward in their chairs, wanting to catch every word that was shared. It was so clear that Nick and Luis had found a safe place in each other, and it is beautiful."

Go see the rest of their story on Catalyst's website.

Leap Year by Brandon Brown

...I mean, why not? Why not leap in some fabulous way that takes you deeper into your humanity? Why not try out a few new rhythms and risks? Why not re-evaluate where you spend the energy of your life and make a change (no matter how small) to aim your life in a direction that brings you joy and makes you a more pleasant person for the rest of us to be around?

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