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Roost Wedding Booking Questions:

I am so excited to capture your wedding! The next step is to confirm your wedding details. After I have your answers, I will create an invoice and a contract for you to review. When I have both the signed contract and the booking fee, we are officially locked in. 

I can't wait to be your wedding photographer and tell your story!

1. Wedding Date + Time *
1. Wedding Date + Time
Wedding Start Time *
Wedding Start Time
Reception Start Time
Reception Start Time
The person who will be signing the contract - usually bride, groom, occasionally a parent?
2b. Physical address for contract *
2b. Physical address for contract
For identification in the contract - I am not sending anything to the address.
3a. Which package have you selected? *
Choose one:
3b. Any Additional Coverage?
Please Check other options you're interested in. If you chose the select package - indicate your choices here.
Ceremony + Reception along with contact info (address, phone and/or website):
5a Bride's Name *
5a Bride's Name
5b Groom's Name *
5b Groom's Name
Any other questions or needs?