Tools for connection...

Have your heard some people say something like this, "Because of social media, this generation doesn't know how to connect and communicate any more"? 

What goes through your mind when you hear it? 

For me, it just makes me laugh a little. A few weeks ago, I met up with 100 MKE "strangers" at ‪#‎WWIM13‬. Fellow creatives that I only met and know because of instagram. I have deep conversations on Facebook about religion and politics and actually learn and hear people share their hearts and generally behave in amazing ways towards those who disagree. Also, because of social media, I am able to get to know many of my clients better before shoots and continue to stay connected with them afterwards. This is an amazing benefit when you get to photograph fabulous people whose stories and lives are so inspiring. 

I see so much of social as an amazing enabler of connection and relationship. The connectedness social media make possible are incredible. 

Sure, sometimes it's annoying when everyone is posting and liking and snapping instead of being present, but we will learn to manage that in time - this technology is still so new. 

This image is of Valerie Lighthart (spoiler: We met because of Instagram) from an amazing sunrise shoot.