Hey friends, it's me, Brandon - the person behind Roost Photography. 

 I have always loved taking photographs. Early in grade school I used to steal my dad’s Minolta 35mm and use up all his film. In middle school I had a vintage polaroid, and spent far too much of my parents’ money on packs of film. My graduation gift from my parents was a 35mm camera that I wore out in 13 months. Through all this, I never thought of myself as a photographer - just someone who took lots of pictures. And so, for many years I lead secret double life as a ‘paparazzi’ - taking 10’s of thousands of photos each year of landscapes, beautiful people, students, my own family, and whatever else I found interesting.

In 2014, following an unexpected ‘opportunity’ to rethink my life - a dizzying, high-elevation, total re-imagining kind of opportunity - I decided I wanted to be a “real” photographer. While it was scary at first, being a photographer has been one of the most exhilarating and rewarding choices I have made.