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About Brandon

About Brandon + Roost Photography

We all have a back story


Mine involves lots of interesting and random stuff but I never thought of myself as a photographer - just someone who took a lot of pictures. 

For as long as I can remember, I have loved taking photographs. Through my childhood, I would steal my dad’s Minolta 35mm and use all his film. In middle school I had a vintage Polaroid. My graduation gift from my parents was a 35mm camera that I wore out in 13 months. Through all this, I still didn't think I was a photographer. And so, for many years I led a secret double life as a ‘paparazzi’ - taking 10’s of thousands of photos each year of landscapes, beautiful people, students, my own family, and whatever else I found interesting.

And then one day, I realized there is a word for people who obsess about capturing the perfect photo, who are always taking pictures, who see people and landscapes and immediate contemplate how to capture them best - Photographer.

Photography combines my love of people, great stories, and art.

@RoostMKE: Weddings, Portraits + People

@brandon.j.brown: landscapes, nature, cities, travel+ fun!